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Prayer for the World October 4, 2023

Prayer for the World, October 4, 2023

Healing From Disaster


We close our prayer for the Season of Creation today, with a prayer for healing of God’s created world, especially healing from disasters.

The news names the disaster. The Maui wildfires, Hurricanes Idelia and Lee, the earthquake in Morocco, the floods in Libya and China, the war in Ukraine, the conflicts in Sudan, Syria, the famines across Africa and the droughts all over the world. The list is endless. Just listen to the nightly world news. Once the news cameras leave and the eyes of the world have moved on to the next disaster, then reality sets in. Who remembers the disasters from last year or even six months ago? The survivors are still working to put their lives back together and for some their lives will never be the same. Many had little or nothing before, now they have less. As a congregation we often make contributions to either Catholic Charities, for disasters in the United States or Catholic Relief Services for International disasters. This prayer for the World is to pray for healing, peace and new beginnings for the millions around the world.

Song: Heal us Now by Leon Sher, performed by Cantor Aviva Rajsky

We pray for healing of the body. We pray for healing of our soul.

For strength of mind and spirit. We pray to once again be whole.

O please heal us now. Heal us now.


Axios news writes that the U.S. experienced 23 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in the first eight months of 2023 — the largest number since records began. Can you name all 23?

On average 45,000 people died from Natural Disasters annually according to Our World in Data. Although this number is expected to be much higher in 2023 and beyond as disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense. They also state that human impacts from natural disasters are not fully captured in mortality rates. Injury, homelessness, and displacement can all have a significant impact on populations. These numbers are much more difficult to calculate, yet the effect is still real.

Quiet Reflection and Prayer (20 minutes)


We pray for all who are affected by natural disasters.

We pray for those who die in these events.

We pray for those who mourn the dead and still must find a way to live.

We pray for those who are physically injured.

We pray for those who will suffer nightmares and mental injuries.

We pray for those who become homeless and displaced.

We pray for all who are now forgotten yet are still hurting and in need.

Quiet Reflection (15 minutes)

Song: Heal us Now

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