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Prayer for the World May 8, 2024

Transforming Grace: the Work of Transformative Justice


Last week Sr. Jenny, Paul Siegfried and I participated in the event in Pittsburgh, “Transforming Grace:  the Work of Transformative Justice.”   An elected leader, justice promoter and communicator for 87 congregations from across the United States participated.  For me this experience strengthened and focused the hope that we as Women Religious, working along with our lay collaboraters, can corporately make a unique and much needed contribution to our country and world at this critical time in history,

Song:  Into the Quiet God Calls You by Liam Lawton

Into the quiet, God calls you, calls you each by name.

In the quiet, God calls you.  Enter God’s dwelling,

God’s love foretelling, on this day of days.


Reading/Focus for Reflection: 

Much is shifting in our world today and in our personal and communal lives.  Within this reality is God’s call, God’s invitation to make a difference.  It is the answer to the question, “What is ours to do at this critical time?”  We might add, “What is ours to do and TO BE at this critical time, for the good of all?” 

Our role is no longer to merely ease suffering, bind up wounds, and feed the hungry, but through every form of effort to raise the powers of love upward to the next stage of consciousness.  –Teilhard de Chardin*

Contributing to this shift in consciousness may, in fact, be the imperative of our time and the most important thing women religious can offer the world.*  

To the degree that we can become communities of contemplative practice, religious congregations will be a leaven for that shift. *

My hope is that our weekly “Prayer for the World” will be one way of continuing on the path of inner transformation which involves listening, learning and contemplating.  Also the context of the coming election cycle gives us a focus, as does the intersection of the critical issues of racism, forced migration and climate crisis.  Let us pray we can respond to God’s call and God’s transforming Grace and Presence.

Silent Reflection

Focus for ongoing reflection:

What is  meant by “Transformation of Consciousness?”  Well, it involves thinking and relating differently, which calls for an inner change.  As people of faith we understand this deep change as God’s action in our lives, our communities, our world.   So what are some signs of the inner change we are hoping for?


  • Greater tolerance for those who think and live differently than we do—Loving God, help us to be more tolerant and accepting of others.

  • Movement toward greater inclusion and away from exclusion-- Loving God, help us to deepen our sense of oneness with all of God’s creation.

  • A deeper sense of God’s grace and presence within us and among us.  “Abide in me as I abide in you.”  (Jn. 15:40)— Loving God, help us to rely on God’s grace within and around us as a means of transformation.

As we sit in contemplation and as we engage life’s daily challenges contemplatively, our mystic capacity to find God and love God in ourselves, in all circumstances, and all people deepens. *

Silent Reflection


*The indented pieces of our prayer today and the last paragraph that are in bold print, are quotes from an article by Liz Sweeny, SSJ, “The Evolutionary Task Now.”  You can access the whole article by clicking on the following:


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