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Victory Noll Sisters celebrate Jubilees

HUNTINGTON, IND. — Seven members of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters are celebrating Jubilees in 2017. Six will be honored with a special Mass May 24 at Archbishop Noll Memorial Chapel at Victory Noll.

Sister John Francis Radler, a native of Milwaukee, Wisc., will celebrate 80 years as a Victory Noll Sister. Her ministry work has taken her to California, Indiana, Washington D.C, Arizona, Wisconsin and Ohio.

​​Sister John Francis entered the Congregation of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters on March 12, 1938, and made first vows on August 5, 1940. In 1946, she received her certificate of completion from the National School of Catholic Social services and this began her journey of social work. She helped to start the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic in Tucson, Ariz., and served as the administrator, a mission she served for 20 years. She also served as administrator for St. Barnabas Villa, a residence for older adults in Northfield, Ohio. After returning to Victory Noll in 1992, she served as the Holy Family Health Care Center Coordinator for several years, and then as activities director before retiring in 2000.

Sister John Francis continues today making sure that lights are turned out and the shades are drawn on her floor each night before retiring to her room.

Sister Martha Molohon is celebrating 75 years with OLVM, having entered the community on October 27, 1942. Originally from Curdsville, Ky., Sr. Martha has served in Texas, Indiana, California, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan and New Mexico.

“I feel at peace and am grateful for the life God has given me as an unlikely servant,” said Sr. Martha. “I enjoyed a variety of fulfilling assignments. On the border in El Paso I had an appreciation for the Mexican-American culture and experienced their humility in the hardships they endured. I also spent 20 years working with the mentally challenged in Michigan.”

Two Sisters are celebrating their 70th Jubilees in 2017.

​​Sr. Alma Bill joined OLVM on October 30, 1947. From Arcadia, Wisc., Sr. Alma’s ministry work took her to California, Indiana, Florida, Missouri and Arizona. She authored two textbooks and teachers’ guides and also wrote “The Story of Victory Noll II,” the second edition of the OLVM history.

“I was enlivened by the beauty of God’s presence among His people, and their meaningful and prayerful response to that presence. I shared God’s Word to children through catechetical instruction and sacramental celebration, and to adults through parent education, RCIA instruction, and teacher preparation,” said Sr. Alma. “Throughout my years of accompanying people on their Faith journey, I found my own faith-life enlivened and sustained. I was privileged to support them through times of trial and fear, and celebrate with them their living relationship with the Lord. My oft-repeated prayer furnished strength for the journey: ‘Show me, O Lord, the way in which I should walk, for to You I have lifted up my soul.’”

​​Sr. Marilyn Schatz, a native of Ellicott City, Md., entered OLVM on October 30, 1947. She has been missioned in New Jersey, Indiana, Alabama, Michigan, Texas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico.

“I enjoyed being in Texas. I was in Mathis for 10 years, and the people were so wonderful. They had simplicity and sincerity,” says Sr. Marilyn. “I took great comfort being there when you are needed, for example, with the death in a family, or when you went and someone was sick and you held their hand. Also, it was wonderful being there for people in joyful times when they were celebrating something, like first Communion or a wedding anniversary.”

Sr. Rita Musante and Sr. Rose Zita Rosonke are celebrating 60 years as Victory Noll Sisters, both having entered OLVM on September 5, 1957.

​​Originally from Warren, Pa., Sr. Rita has worked in mission centers in California, Indiana, Utah, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey.

“Helping people become aware of how much God loves each of us with all our mistakes and sins, achievements and dreams, is such a joy! Assisting people to become conscious of God’s intimate presence and offer of friendship in their lives — that they are never alone, that they are ‘walking tabernacles’ of God’s presence and divine activity in their lives and in our world: this, too, fills me with joy,” said. Sr. Rita. “My favorite ministry is retreats and spiritual direction — because these are for me the best and most direct ways of assisting people to become aware of and respond to God’s amazing invitation to them to enter into an intimate friendship like no other.”

​​Sr. Rose Zita Rosonke, a native of Mt. Carmel, Iowa, has been missioned in Indiana, Michigan, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. Her current ministry is with Victory Noll Center in Huntington.

“I continue to grow in understanding that life is not so much about what I accomplish but more about what God’s great love accomplishes in and through and among others,” said Sr. Rose Zita. “Each ministry location connected me to new people and experiences with all ages wishing to know Christ better and participate in the mission of Jesus together.”

Sr. Francisca Olvera will celebrate her 50th jubilee on August 5 with a special Mass at Archbishop Noll Memorial Chapel.

Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters is a religious community of women dedicated to serving the poor in the name of Christ. Founded in 1922 by Father John Joseph Sigstein, the members of the Victory Noll community minister to those in need.

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