Rooted in our charism, we proclaim the Gospel in solidarity with all persons, especially those living in poverty and oppression. We commit ourselves to ongoing prayer, study and action on behalf of human rights, justice and peace.


From their founding in 1922 by Father John Joseph Sigstein, Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters have been dedicated to living the mission of Jesus.


Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, commonly known as Victory Noll Sisters, are a Pontifical Congregation founded in 1922 by Father John J. Sigstein.  Called by the Spirit to a missionary life, the Sisters live the vision of their founder who placed them under the patronage of Our Lady of Victory.  They proclaim the gospel in creative and flexible ways in order to promote the reign of God in justice and peace.


As the OLVM Sisters age and the congregation grows smaller, their main ministry has become one of prayer and presence, with a focus on and support for those places, issues and concerns that have always been at the heart of our mission. They continue to follow the words of Father Sigstein, who said, “Always go to the poor first.”


The world is constantly changing and with those changes comes a call for transformation, adaptation and conversion.  News happens when these changes occur, whether it is from within the congregation or our response to what is happening outside the congregation.


When one of our sisters moves from this world to enjoy the fullness of God’s glory, we celebrate her life, her ministry and her presence among us as a member of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters.


To the Poorest First:

The Journey of the Victory Noll Sisters

Discover the story of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, from their humble beginnings to the work they continue today.

This two-year project combines archival films and photos, along with interviews with Victory Noll Sisters and those who have been impacted by their century of presence and service.

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Celebrating a Century
of Presence and Service

Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters began the celebration of their 100th anniversary in August of 2021. The community of women religious, also known as the Victory Noll Sisters, were established in Chicago by Father John Joseph Sigstein. He sent the first two Sisters, Marie Benes and Julia Doyle, on their initial mission assignment to Santa Fe, N.M. They arrived there on August 5, 1922, establishing the traditional date for the inception of the congregation.

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Download the Centennial Memorial book, with 128 pages celebrating a Century of Presence and Service of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters. This publications features photos and stories covering the 100-year history of the Victory Noll Sisters, along with information on every individual Sister since the beginning of the community in 1922.



This is the online Archives of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, or commonly known as the Victory Noll Sisters.  In their past they published a mission journal, THE MISSIONARY CATECHIST.  This journal is available in the Victory Noll Archives, and also online.  We have also posted postcard views of the Motherhouse in Huntington, Indiana, and of the Queen of Missions located in Redlands, California, and other scenes from our early history.  The Archives holds material from the beginning of the Society of Missionary Catechists, 1922 to the present day.

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In 2014, Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters  created the John Joseph Sigstein Foundation to offer grants to organizations who promote justice for those living in poverty, for those who are voiceless, underprivileged, and to  empower persons to contribute to a more just and peaceful society.  The Foundation was established to promote and sustain the mission of God according to the charism, mission and values of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters (Victory Noll Sisters). Many of the  grants in the past  six years  have been granted to organizations in the various geographical locations where the Victory Noll Sisters have served God’s People for many years.

The last four years the Victory Noll Sisters have been undergoing some major transitions in their lives as  they become smaller in number, older, and with fewer Sisters who are able to be directly involved in active  ministry.  In light of this reality the Sisters have been letting go of their sponsored ministries as they work at re-structuring and simplifying  their lives.

With this reality in mind, the Sisters gathered at their Assembly in March, 2021. In that Assembly the Victory Noll Sisters accepted the decision to dissolve  the John Joseph Sigstein Foundation, with the understanding that an Empowerment Grants Committee would be formed to carry on the work of the Foundation. The Sisters will continue their long tradition of providing grants to organizations who promote and sustain the mission of God.

Organizations can continue to apply for a grant under the title of “Victory Noll Empowerment Grants.”

Grant applications for 2021 are now being accepted. Click the READ MORE button for additional information and to download grant application forms.

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Follow the happenings of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters both at Victory Noll and elsewhere as their ministries reach out to those in need.

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