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Addressing Local Community Needs

We continue to make efforts to reach out to immigrants in our area in the hope of responding to some of their needs. There was a meeting here at Victory Noll this past Saturday that involved several teachers who are involved with immigrant children in our schools, a school nurse, two students from Huntington University and two Victory Noll Sisters.

We are all interested in connecting and working together to be more effective in reaching out in service to the immigrants in our midst.

Another meeting I attended this week was the monthly meeting of MACES, the Mayor's Advisory Council on Environmental Stewardship. We began looking at what goals we want to focus on in 2020. The new mayor, Richard Strick, intends to continue with the Council and is very supportive. A list of possibilities was presented and discussed. At the next meeting we hope to zero in on 2 or 3 priorities for the year.

Sr. Beatrice Haines, OLVM Social Justice Promoter

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