We have lived among the people with whom we worked. Now, most of us are living at our Motherhouse, where we continue to live a simple lifestyle modeled on Mary’s life. We strive to mirror her spirit in our relationships and embrace our mission with openness, humility and courage.

We are often referred to as Victory Noll Sisters, or Victory Noll Missionaries, titles honoring Our Blessed Lady of Victory and recalling our benefactor, Archbishop John Francis Noll.

Our founder has clearly stated, "The particular spirit of our dear Society is our True Devotion, .. a way of life in which we learn to know Jesus more intimately through dependence on Mary. The traditional expression of the spirit of True Devotion according to St. Louis de Montfort is "All for Jesus through Mary"

"Meeting modern needs with modern means" is the challenge presented by our founder. These words guide us in continually evaluating and reforming the vision of our life and ministry in light of the signs of the times and the particular needs of the people. We are all called to participate in this process according to our unique gifts and limitations


Called by the Spirit to a missionary life, we live the vision of our founder, Father John Joseph Sigstein, who placed us under the patronage of Our Blessed Lady of Victory and commissioned us to share Christ's love with the poor and neglected in a personal, non-institutional way.

Not bound by ownership of schools, hospitals or other institutions, we live simply and hospitably among the people. Through our devotion to Mary, we strive to mirror her spirit of simplicity in all our relationships. We consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary and embrace our mission with openness, humility and courage.

We proclaim the gospel in creative and flexible ways through pastoral, catechetical, social and health care services, in order to promote the reign of God in justice and peace.

Through prayer and apostolic community life, we seek to be rooted ever more deeply in Christ and to build communities of love and service. We are enabled to further our unity and share our gifts and insights with one another through the leadership of the president and council who make up our administrative team. We are one in Christ.