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Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, commonly known as Victory Noll Sisters, are a Pontifical Congregation founded in 1922 by Father John J. Sigstein.  Called by the Spirit to a missionary life, the Sisters live the vision of their founder who placed them under the patronage of Our Lady of Victory.  They proclaim the gospel in creative and flexible ways in order to promote the reign of God in justice and peace.


Our founder, Father John Joseph Sigstein, was a man of prayer, vision, and action with great love and compassion for poor and oppressed peoples. He was driven by his sense of being part of God’s Mission, and by his devotion to Mary under her title of Our Lady of Victory.


The Leadership Team of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters began its term Aug. 4, 2016. Election of the team was held in March, 2016, at Victory Noll during General Chapter proceedings, which occur every four years.


Located in Huntington, Indiana, Victory Noll is the motherhouse of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, a religious community of women dedicated to serving the poor in the name of Christ.


Jesus lived in union with his Father, the center and source of his life. He often went alone to the mountain to pray, he took part in temple worship and he taught his disciples to pray.
Mary lived in union with God, the center of her life. She pondered the word in her heart and allowed Jesus to be formed in her.
As missionary sisters, we strive to imitate Jesus and Mary, seeking union with God through personal and communal prayer.


In the spirit of Mary as members of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, we recently commit ourselves to Gospel non-violence. We strive to share Christ’s love with those who live in poverty and oppression in a personal, non-institutional way.


Not bound by ownership of schools, hospitals or other institutions, we live simply and hospitably among the people. Through our devotion to Mary, we strive to mirror her spirit of simplicity in all our relationships. We consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary and embrace our mission with openness, humility and courage.

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